Figure-rise Standard 七龍珠 超級賽亞人之神 ~2D塗裝製作

World-class classic anime “Dragon Ball”, there should be very few people who don’t know this work ~ This work created by Toriyama Akira began serializing in 1984, and has now reached its 35th anniversary, and the popularity of the work has remained The top of the ACG world! A series of movies released in Japan at the end of last year-Dragon Ball Super: Broly ” has been released in Taiwan on February 22! It ’s okay for those who have n’t watched the movie yet … might as well play the model first ~

▼ Yes! When it comes to the assembly model of Dragon Ball, the first thing that players think of is definitely the complete Figure-rise Standard series! Therefore, this production will also be shown in the movie ” Dragon Ball Super: Broly ” in the “Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Sun Wukong” and “Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Dal” to demonstrate !!

The theme is the 2D style painting production that best represents anime works ~ Please follow the article step by step with Dragon Ball fans! (This demonstration uses Japanese movie posters)

▼ Figure-riseStandard models are basically equipped with excellent parts and color separation. On the basis of this, the exquisiteness of the plain composition has been greatly increased ~

▼ The qigong special effects seen in the seven dragon ball works are also presented in the kit with beautiful transparent parts. And the two Super Saiyan gods produced this time, in the hair part is pearl blue as the shaping color, the effect is really beautiful!

▼ After carefully checking whether the number and content of the frames are in accordance with the instructions, immediately take out the diagonal pliers and start making! Use thick-edged oblique pliers to cut the parts from the frame, and use sharp thin-edged oblique pliers to trim the soup flat:

▼ After removing the parts, prepare a variety of sandpaper tools in the second step, to grind soup defects! From left to right, remove the small defects such as the soup mouth and the parting line in the order of 400> 600> 800. However, because these parts are all in line with the body’s curve and round body shape, it is recommended to remove the defects Also use a soft abrasive sponge to smooth the curve!

▼ Next, prepare the Gundam Marker Pen, paint ware, brush, and pen knife, and prepare to challenge the way of using the pen to supplement the color instead of the stickers attached to the kit!





①打開漆料之後先用調棒攪拌均勻。 ➁將顏料到入調色皿中。 ➂  加入約10%的緩乾型硝基漆溶劑。 ④  再次攪拌均勻。








▼ Dahl’s replacement expression is this proud smile`.
And a face shape with a very strong will to fight! Exaggerated muscle lines can be strengthened after painting!

Figure-riseStandard’s Dragon Ball characters are very rich, and the characters in the latest plot have also been launched. It will definitely be a model series that Dragon Ball fans must receive!
After adding various painting and photo special effects, even the two-dimensional painting that can simulate movie posters is really handsome! I look forward to making Dragon Ball fans!